Meet Your Coach


Adam Luke, M.A. MFT

Clinically-informed coaching through a relational lens; I help men increase their potential, build influence and create better relationships.

I am going to let you in on a secret, because this is the bedrock in which we will build our momentum together: we are going to radically redefine how you see success and understand legacy. Because the current way that success and legacy are defined socially is based on a zero-sum game.

You either get there or you don’t, and if you do manage to generate wealth, success or whatever your focus may be, then you have a social justification for all the broken relationships, emotional hurt, and self-inflicted damage along the way.

Are You Willing to Hinge Your Life’s Purpose on a Coin Flip?

They got their X but they sacrificed their WHY.

What is success without anyone to share it with? What are accolades without respect? What is our significance as High Impact Individuals if we lack the ability to affect change in the relationships that mean the most to us?

It’s time to bring who you allow yourself to be in certain areas of your life, HOME. Appreciating every part of us, to make US WHOLE.

What if we scaled our Legacy and our picture of Success off:

  • Cultivating healthy and thriving marriages
  • Completely fulfilling the roles of being husbands and fathers
  • Building healthy and sustainable interpersonal relationships
  • Installing ourselves as the main character in our own story


How is The Mental Outfitter Different?

First, you have many choices when it comes to relational and executive coaches, but the one thing I believe to my core as a coach, is you did not hire me to be your friend. I will always enter our coaching alliance from a position of respect and professionalism, but you have hired me to ask you the difficult questions. This process is immensely rewarding, but our work will not always be “comfortable.”

I am going to ask you to take deep dives into exploring why you think, behave and do the things you do. I promise you, self discovery leads to a level of self-confidence that is infectious but that impassioned sense of purpose will not be achieved without sacrifice.