The Mental Outfitter


High Impact Relational & Executive Coaching for High Performance Individuals


Enhance Your Relationships

Enhance Your Relationships

Are you ready to build better personal, professional and intimate relationships?

Become More Influential

Become More Influential

Are you ready to identify, define and increase your influence at work and at home?

Increase Your Understanding

Increase Your Understanding

Are you ready to increase your emotional intelligence, making you more effective in your daily life?

Revolutionize Your Business

Revolutionize Your Business

Are you looking to cultivate a thriving company culture, develop your employees, decrease turn over and curate a workforce your competition would beg for?

Adam Luke, M.A. MFT (1)

Adam Luke, M.A. MFT

Are you a high impact earner struggling in the relational space of your marriage, intimate relationships, and in developing your own support networks?

Your coach, Adam Luke, embodies a holistic/minimalist approach which is moving people outside of their typical four walls, away from excessive technology, and into real life which, Adam believes this starts with experiencing the beauty and privilege nature provides.

We unplug from fantasy to be present for reality.

Why Coaching?

I remember the first time I scrolled through search engines and therapist profiles, searching for my own healing.

The Mental Outfitter was born out of a need for high impact individuals who felt that the traditional resources of self-discovery were too “rear-ward focused,” Our work is rooted in the present, not the past.

What you will come to find out about our style of coaching is that we will confront the negative narratives and faulty assumptions we tell ourselves while pivoting into a position of empowerment to move past what we previously believed to be impossible.

Reclaim Your Influence

Reclaim Your Influence

What I noticed when I first started in the coaching industry, is that my clients and I would sit down, brainstorm and start putting together a list of goals that we had formulated through our work together. Many times, these goals were:

  • Improve leadership skills
  • Increase self confidence
  • Be more assertive
  • Build deeper connections
  • Increase emotional intelligence

With introspection, comes reflection. As we would focus on where we were going in coaching, I would hear my clients pour out their professional and personal life stories and I would start to hear the resistance to change:

  • Self doubt
  • Avoidance
  • FEAR (Forget Everything And Run)
  • Option Paralysis (I don’t know)

See the first list, that one is the biproduct of healthy relationships, healthy self-understanding, emotional awareness, actionability and working out of the present.

The second list, is born from inaction, from failed attempts to commit, the catastrophizing and the self-fulfilling prophecies rooted in a mindset focused on WHAT WE DON’T HAVE.

The person who works from a position of having self-confidence, taking action, stepping into leadership and being assertive is a person that arrives at crisis with the knowledge and conviction of knowing they are the SOLUTION to their present challenge, not the reason FOR the challenge.